Sunday Superyacht Video: Maxima, by Filippetti Yacht

The name Fausto Filippetti may not be familiar, but his boatbuilding brands surely are. He co-founded Pershing Yacht in 1985, for example. He moved on to establish other builders over the decades, eventually creating Filippetti Yacht in 2009. It’s a family affair, too, with his two children by his side overseeing all operations. While it started as a builder of fast, sleek yachts, it’s since expanded to create navettas, long-range, comfort-centric cruisers. With Maxima, the second Filippetti Navetta 26, the shipyard shows it’s adept at addressing two entirely different customer bases.

The owner of Maxima certainly liked the more traditional styling and relaxed pace offered by the Navetta 26. The semi-custom series also allows customers to make seemingly endless change requests. This owner definitely took advantage. In fact, he requested so many interesting changes that Maxima is influencing future Navetta 26 models.

As the video here shows, Maxima has an indoor-outdoor skylounge, to cite one prime example. Filippetti Yacht originally created the Navetta 26 with an open flying bridge. However, this buyer knew he’d spend most of his time in northern waters, where air temperatures tend to be cool. His design request is now what Filippetti Yacht calls a Convertible layout for the Navetta 26.

This isn’t to imply that the Convertible layout makes the 85-footer feel closed in. Actually, quite the opposite, thanks to abundant, tiered windows. Several skylights help, too. Equal amounts of natural light pour on in to the formal dining area. It sits fully forward on the main deck—where the master suite is in the original layout. (Maxima puts the owner’s stateroom below decks.)

Filippetti Yacht catered to so many change requests aboard this megayacht that you might be surprised. While several builders worldwide say they have semi-custom models, some end up really restricting your choices. Not so here. Enjoy the tour.

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