Maxima Influences Future Filippetti Navetta 26 Megayachts

Sometimes the best ideas come from customers. Filippetti Yacht is crediting the owner of Maxima, a Filippetti Navetta 26, with a request it liked so much, all future model buyers can opt for it. Furthermore, Maxima shows just how far the shipyard will tailor its semi-custom megayacht models. Which is to say, a lot.

The request the owner made: a sky lounge that becomes an indoor-outdoor area. Filippetti Yacht calls it a convertible fly deck. In 2016, Filippetti announced this Navetta 26 would navigate in northern climes. That’s why the owner wanted an enclosed flying bridge instead of the typical open configuration. When the weather suits, he can keep the sliding-glass doors out to the alfresco lounging space open. He can also slide open the significant-size skylight overhead. Speaking of light, two tiers of windows wrap around Maxima’s convertible fly deck, as seen below. It makes the seating area and bar inside light and bright.

Filippetti Navetta 26 megayacht Maxima

Also due to the northerly cruising route, Maxima emphasizes interior spaces more than outside ones. Therefore, her saloon (at top) is really her center of activity. It, too, benefits from abundant windows. So does the dining area fully forward (below), featuring wrap-around windows. All of the windows onboard are double-pane glass, for better thermal insulation. Interior comfort additionally comes from an oil boiler system, another custom request. Equally interesting, the owner can heat Maxima remotely before he and guests step aboard.

Speaking of him stepping aboard, the owner wants to take the 85-foot (26-meter) Maxima out without always relying on his two-person crew. Filippetti Yacht and Hot Lab Yacht & Design therefore gave him four small helm areas in addition to the wheelhouse. Two are aft on the main deck, while two are forward. These particularly come in handy while docking and conducting tight maneuvers. Maxima even has remote autopilot functions, which the owner can control via a smartphone or tablet.

Filippetti Navetta 26 megayacht Maxima

As unusual as all of this seems, it’s not unusual to Filippetti Yacht. The shipyard allows customers far more input than a number of other semi-custom megayacht builders. Perhaps that’s also why the owner requested just one guest stateroom in addition to the master stateroom. Typically, Navetta 26 buyers request three or four guest staterooms, with the master forward on the main deck. Aboard Maxima, however, both staterooms sit below decks, with the master having quite a sizable footprint. It’s 269 square feet (25 square meters), with a gym and an en suite bath that’s the size of a typical guest cabin.

Enjoy this armchair tour of Maxima, reportedly capable of upwards of 3,000 nautical miles under 730-hp MAN power.

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