Cecilia Sees the Water at Wider

Wider celebrated its second superyacht splashing yesterday. Cecilia, a Wider 165, did so while the craftspeople who built her looked on.

The all-aluminum yacht comes in at 163’10” (49.98 meters). In build for three years, she features the hallmarks of the brand. These include multiple balconies and fold-down platforms to widen usable space, plus floor-to-ceiling glass. Cecilia already has a beam of nearly 28 feet (8.45 meters), so the openness enhances enjoyment of the ocean environment.

The shipyard, with designer Fulvio di Simoni, styled and engineered her for toting plenty of toys—some surely unexpected for her size. Additionally, they emphasized diesel-electric and all-electric running.

Wider 164 superyacht Cecilia launch

Those unexpected toys include a helicopter, landing on a foredeck pad. They further include a Wider 32 speedboat. It floats out of the beach club, too. Even with this, it doesn’t detract from the beach club. In fact, the area has a sauna and folding platforms on three sides. Overall, according to Wider, Cecilia’s beach club encompasses 1,055 square feet (98 square meters).

The diesel-electric propulsion, combined with azimuthing pods and a battery bank, make Cecilia even more unusual. Four variable-speed gensets will usually handle hotel loads, for instance. They also should power Cecilia to a maximum 14.1 knots. Range should be 2,200 nautical miles at that speed, too. Best range, meanwhile, should be 5,400 nautical miles, at 10 knots. While in environmentally sensitive regions, the superyacht can travel at 5 knots on batteries alone. They’re further helpful for repositioning to another nearby anchorage. Finally, overnight, the batteries can run the hotel load for peace and quiet.

For lively evenings or days, Cecilia has spaces lined with sanded oak as well as light-tone stones. The overall ambiance is modern and bright, thanks to the original owner’s ideas and IdeaeItalia. (Cecilia is for sale for €30 million, or about $36 million at press time. She is additionally available for delivery by summertime.) Four guest staterooms sit below, larger than usual due to the propulsion system and azimuthing pods. Outside, plenty of places await, including the helipad. It can become a dance floor when the helicopter is off the yacht.

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