Hodgdon Tenders Launches 2 Venetian-Style Tenders

Thirty-seven degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) is a far cry from the warm temperatures in which tenders typically operate. Nevertheless, sea trials awaited the two projects that Hodgdon Yachts’ Hodgdon Tenders division launched yesterday. The Maine-based builder splashed a Venetian Limousine tender (above) and Venetian Center Console tender.

Hodgdon Tenders builds a variety of styles on a semi-custom basis, ranging from a 6.5-meter model to a 12-meter model (21’3” to 39’4”, respectively). All bear naval architecture and design by Michael Peters Yacht Design. The launches that slipped into the water yesterday are a 9.5-meter (31’2”) Venetian Limousine tender and an 8-meter (26’3”) Venetian Center Console tender.

As is the norm, Hodgdon Tenders tailored the two boats according to the client’s requests. For example, the boats have a family resemblance, featuring common style elements. (On a related note, customers often request that their tenders match their motherships, too.) Specific to the Venetian Limousine tender, 12 guests can ride in comfort in warm or cool climes, since the cabin features air conditioning as well as heating. If they’re onboard on a particularly nice day, they can additionally enjoy comfortable breezes. That’s because the Venetian Limousine further has power windows. In addition, for ease in boarding, hull doors to port and starboard swing open, plus the roof rises so that no one need to duck his or her head.

In the case of the Venetian Center Console, active pursuits will be the order of the day. Specifically, she’ll play host to a variety of watersports. She’ll also shuttle friends and family to and from sandy beaches. (Hodgdon offers beachable hulls.)

The Hodgdon Tenders team will deliver the two boats to an undisclosed shipyard in Germany shortly after the New Year. At that time, the yard will also send a support team to recommission the boats, plus train the crew on operations.

In the meantime, Hodgdon Tenders is starting construction on more projects. Details aren’t yet available. 

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