Dive—and Learn—With Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) already provides a variety of support services to megayachts and sailing superyachts visiting Asian waters. With offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Seychelles, and more, the agents have first-hand knowledge of the cruising areas. Two new underwater specialists with the Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia team means your adventures will be more enjoyable, even enlightening.

First, Pak Arief (above) has come aboard as a dive guide. You could say he knows just a little about Indonesia, being a born-and-raised resident. In fact, Capt. Jimmy Blee, director and co-founder of Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia, calls him “home-grown dive stock.” Blee explains that Arief has spent the past 15 years leading dives throughout the waters. Therefore, count on Arief knowing the best places to see flora and fish. In addition, “his wonderful, warm Indonesian personality and his sensitive understanding of local people and the challenges that can often arise for boats in remote areas” are strengths, Blee says.

Andy Lewis Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia

The second new Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia team member is Andy Lewis (above). A marine biologist based in Australia, Lewis has years of experience doing research and survey work aboard vessels in Indonesia. Blee asserts that Lewis is the go-to person “for the owner or guests who want to know the full scientific understanding of what they see when diving.” Furthermore, Lewis can explain “the true and real effects climate change is having on reef systems in Indonesia.” This is because Lewis is the CEO and founder of the Coral Sea Foundation. Its mission is to raise awareness of the ecological as well as social values of the Coral Sea and the Eastern Coral Triangle. In addition, the foundation promotes sustainable management of the two.

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