PHOTO: George Bekris

Eight Bells: Notable Megayacht Owner & Industry Passings in 2018

In seafaring tradition, the ringing of eight bells pays respect to a deceased sailor. It signifies that his or her “watch” is over. Several watches in the yachting industry ended this year—far too soon, at that. Indeed, while many a person’s passing leaves colleagues and admirers at a loss for words, 2018 seemed to hit Continue reading

Turquoise Launches for Repeat Buyer at Proteksan Turquoise

Seventeen years after he became the first owner of the first significant superyacht made in Turkey, a gentleman witnessed the launch of his new yacht from the same shipyard. On January 31, the 55.4-meter (188-foot) Turquoise slipped into the water at Pendik shipyard, better known as Proteksan Turquoise. She’s larger and more voluminous than the Continue reading