Aqua Star AS-2 Underwater Dive Scooter for Two

He who dies with the most toys wins, the old saying goes. If so, megayacht owners and guests won’t be able to get enough of this, from Aqua Star. The Aqua Star AS-2 is a two-person underwater scooter, and it makes for a terrific watertoy for private and charter megayachts alike.

What makes the Aqua Star AS-2 scooter fun for all is the ability to jump aboard and operate it within minutes of watching the training DVD. No specialized skills or diving experience is needed. The riders’ heads go inside a helmet-like chamber, into which air feeds via scuba tanks attached to the scooter’s body. The air supply lasts 70 minutes, and the two rechargeable electric motors (one for forward motion, one for vertical) last for two and a half hours. Furthermore, the Aqua Star AS-2 scoots along at a leisurely 3 mph. That lets you appreciate the colorful fish you’ll see through the flat, fog-resistant windows in the helmet. (It also lets you keep your glasses or contact lenses on!)

Feel like getting off the scooter while underwater? The company says it’s no problem, since a line keeps the Aqua Star AS-2 tethered to the yacht. When you’re ready to explore aboard the scooter again, climb back on, and turn the handlebars to go forward. You can also push the batons to dive down as far as 39 feet (12 meters).

The Aqua Star AS-2 weighs 160 pounds, so it can be stowed on deck or in a tender garage. List price: $15,900.

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    • One section of the cave is so narrow that a person with a scuba tank can’t pass through it, so let’s all hope for the best for the boys and their coach.

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