Vanquish Slow Speeds Aboard the Vanqraft 16 Scooter: VIDEO

In mid-March, Vanquish Yachts put its money where its mouth is. Sea trials showed its Vanqraft 16 watertoy can hit 40 knots, as expected.

The builder calls the Vanqraft 16 a cross between a water scooter and a tender. It has a driver’s seat and handlebars similar to the ones you’d find aboard a typical PWC, for example. The quick pace should get your attention, too, if you’re a real watertoy enthusiast. But, it can carry up to five passengers, too, so it’s practical as well. No matter how you use it, at 16’6” (5.07 meters), it’s small enough to fit in a megayacht garage.

Vanquish Yachts teamed up with Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta to create the Vanqraft 16. The trio conceived the craft to max out at 40 knots with a 200-hp Yamaha and waterjet drive. The video below includes scenes from the sea trials on March 11. The water may not be the prettiest, but the maneuverability will get your attention. Tom Steentjes, the owner of Vanquish Yachts, is himself at the helm, carving turns seemingly effortlessly. Although Steentjes doesn’t demonstrate it, Vanquish Yachts says the scooter can operate in reverse, too.

In addition, Vanquish Yachts wanted to give potential buyers speed options. Therefore, they conceived a Veloce version of the Vanqraft 16, supercharged to exceed 50 knots. In both the standard edition and Veloce version, the jet drive is flush with the hull. This makes it even simpler to stow the scooter in a tender garage. Draft is only seven inches (two-tenths of a meter).

In keeping with Vanquish Yachts’ practice for its motoryachts, the scooter is semi-custom. Match the hull paint to your mothership, and select the seating color, too.

The first few customers who ordered their Vanqraft 16s last year take delivery this May and June. They plan to use them in the South of France and Balearics.

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