PHOTO: Giovanni Romero/

Fincantieri Delivers Serene

PHOTO: Giovanni Romero/

At 134 meters (440 feet), the super-large superyacht Serene is now in the hands of her owner. Fincantieri delivered her within the past week. She’s now the largest privately commissioned megayacht ever built and handed over in Italy.

It’s impressive for sure, made even more so given that Serene marks the first megayacht contract signed by Fincantieri, back in 2006. Prior to then, Fincantieri specialized in cruise ships, ferries, naval vessels, and offshore vessels like container ships. Further noteworthy, Serene is among the 10 largest megayachts currently afloat.

To put her into perspective in terms of Italian-built yachts, consider these facts. The Kingdom was Italy’s largest privately commissioned and owned megayacht for more than 20 years. Built in 1980 by Benetti, The Kingdom measures “just” 86 meters (282 feet) LOA. In terms of all Italian-built yachts, however, Loaloat al Behar became the largest privately owned one in 2009. Measuring 103.85 meters (341 feet), she was built in 1982 by Picchiotti for the Sultan of Oman. She ceded her royal-yacht status two years ago when the Sultan gave her to the country’s ministry of tourism. Loaloat al Behar now charters in the Middle East.

As for Serene,the seven-decker bears styling by Espen Oeino and interior design by Reymond Langton Design. Two helipads, a hangar, and a saltwater pool/toy dock are among her highlights, as are 4,500 square meters (more than 48,400 square feet) of alfresco and interior relaxation space.

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