SLIDESHOW: Fincantieri’s Serene

Out of Fincantieri’s 200-year history and 7,000+ vessels built to date, none has garnered as much attention as the superyacht Serene. She marked the company’s entrance into the yachting business, having constructed cruise ships, ferries, and other projects previously. And at 134 meters (440 feet), Serene is also among the 10 largest megayachts in the world.

This slideshow, exclusive to Megayacht News, gives you a better look at her styling, by Espen Oeino. One photo in particular really puts her seven decks and sheer size into perspective: A smaller megayacht, in the 30- to 37-meter (100- to 120-foot) range, is cruising by in the foreground, looking much like a bathtub toy.

For its part, Fincantieri is confident that Serene is the start of a strong future. Giuseppe Bono, Fincantieri’s CEO, says, “we have shown that we are able to satisfy the wish-list of even the most demanding customer, building the cutting-edge yachts the market demands.”

ALL PHOTOS: Peter Seyfferth/

Serene bow Serene aerial Serene transom Serene parachute Serene sunset Serene night

4 thoughts on “SLIDESHOW: Fincantieri’s Serene

  1. We were in St. Martin West Indies and it was docked next to us on Nov.7,2013 What a ship Beautiful but not so FRIENDLY… I am guessing they are told to be that way to keep it quiet about who is on board. It was
    impressive just to see her . Would love to have it for a week….What a hoot!!!!

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