Houbara, First Sunreef 82 Double Deck

The Cannes boat show will be your first chance to see the new Sunreef 82 Double Deck in person. Houbara, the first model in the all-fiberglass megayacht series, hit the water at Sunreef’s facilities in Poland last week.

Note “fiberglass.” While Sunreef has other Double Deck models, they so far these sailing catamarans have been constructed of aluminum. Fiberglass construction is far more common in this size range, so it may prove to be a successful change of pace for the shipyard. It’s also worth noting that Houbara was built on spec, just like the other Double Deck megayacht models—namely, Che and Ipharra—which went on to sell.

Sunreef’s in-house team arranged Houbara to have for seven guests and two to three crewmembers. The Double Deck designation is best seen in the megayacht’s master suite, spread over two levels forward. You may recall from our sneak peek at the 82 Double Deck interior design that there’s a mezzanine level serving as a second lounge. There’s also a two-level master suite. The bedroom and a hot tub, surrounded by a garden, occupy the uppermost level, which is on the main deck. The en suite head is below in the port-side hull, while the walk-in wardrobe is below in the starboard-side one. All told, the master suite occupies about 344 square feet (32 square meters).

Sunreef is finishing up Houbara before final sea trials and the start of the boat show. Later this year, Sunreef will take Houbara to U.S. shores and the Caribbean for further showcasing.

For more information directly from Sunreef about the 82 Double Deck, please fill out our contact form.

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