Sunning, Dining, & Diving Aboard the Sunreef 88 Double Deck

The customer who commissioned hull number one of Sunreef’s 88 Double Deck has much in common with other megayacht owners. Abundant activities in and on the water characterize his first few months aboard. Likewise, he’s enjoyed those energetic activities with his family. “Energetic” is actually a good word for this 88 Double Deck, since even her color scheme calls vitality to mind.

Sunreef 88 Double Deck superyacht

The Sunreef 88 Double Deck debuted this summer, following the announcement at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2016. Interestingly, the megayacht is an entirely custom design and build. The owner and his family previously enjoyed cruising aboard a motoryacht measuring 92 feet (28 meters). Understandably, they still wished to enjoy spaces akin to those of motoryachts, but with the extra space and stability advantages of a catamaran.

Sunreef 88 Double Deck superyacht

The all-fiberglass 88 Double Deck measures 88 feet (26.8 meters) with a beam of nearly 37 feet (11.2 meters). In addition, overall, the sailing cat puts 3,229 square feet (300 square meters) of living space at the family’s feet. Some of that comes from the “Double Deck” configuration, meaning a mezzanine level in the saloon. The owner requested the enclosed steering station sit a few steps up from the relaxation area. However, that also gives the saloon (with a wine chiller) and dining area extra-high headroom. The aft mirrored bulkhead augments the look and feel, too.

Sunreef 88 Double Deck superyacht

With accommodations for eight guests and five crewmembers, the Sunreef 88 Double Deck puts the master forward on the main deck. It spans the full beam, too, additionally being two levels. The upper level lets the owner wake up to sunny skies and nice views of anchorages. Stairs to port take him down to the bath, where grey and beige quartz tiles pick up the rest of the suite’s color scheme.

Sunreef 88 Double Deck superyacht

Speaking of the color scheme, from pillows to placemats and all sorts of fabrics, the Sunreef 88 Double Deck has pops of orange. In combination with lots of natural materials like Chambord oak, characterized by plentiful open pores and knots, along with leather, linen, and stones, it creates a comfy, welcoming atmosphere. Orange is a particularly important color to the owner’s family, too, who consider it symbolic of energy. In fact, orange is often associated with enthusiasm, encouragement, and creativity.

Take a look at more of the 88 Double Deck, including the three VIPs with individual color schemes. You’ll also see the aft deck, devoted to watersports of all kinds, along with soaking up the sun and devouring delicious dinners.


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