Megayacht News Onboard: Trinity Yachts’ Lady Linda

Trinity Lady Linda 2

Doug and Linda Von Allmen know a thing or two about megayachts, having commissioned a handful of them, most christened Lady Linda, over the years. Like many owners, they bought increasingly larger megayachts. But, they ran into a convenience problem with their largest one, the 197-foot (60-meter) Linda Lou, delivered in 2006. Linda Lou had an 11’6” (3.5-meter) draft, making keeping her behind their home in Florida and cruising the Bahamas a challenge. That’s why they actually stepped down in size for their newest Lady Linda, built by Trinity Yachts. Besides measuring 187 feet (57 meters), the eight-foot (2.4-meter) draft at half load, thanks to all-aluminum construction, solves the cruising conundrum.

Trinity Lady Linda main deck bar

With so many megayachts to their credit—this Lady Linda is their third project with Trinity Yachts, for example—the Von Allmens know exactly how they like to entertain and relax just themselves. Elegant entertaining was high on the priority list, and this caramel-tone, onyx-topped bar in Lady Linda’s saloon is a good example. Note, too, the gold leafing overhead and the large artwork, one of many chosen specifically for each space by the Von Allmens.

Trinity Lady Linda saloon

Speaking of effect, Lady Linda has a nice, flowing feel, thanks in part to the dining area (visible forward of the saloon’s seating area) not being a separate, enclosable room, as you might expect of a 187-foot megayacht. Evan K. Marshall was the interior designer of choice for the Von Allmens. He selected a combination of dark and light woods, plus burled woods, to create a dramatic effect for wall paneling, columns, and cabinetry.

Trinity Lady Linda main lobby

Speaking of dramatic effect, the megayacht’s foyer certainly fits the bill, doesn’t it? Between the backlit Lalique panel and the mural rising along the staircase, there’s abundant detail. The mural has an interesting story behind it. Marshall was inspired to re-create a famous Art Deco relief featured on the equally famous ocean liner Normandie. That relief stood for the epitome of design and sophistication, among other things, so Marshall wanted to convey the same concepts aboard Lady Linda.


Trinity Lady Linda bridge deck sky lounge

Like a lot of megayacht owners, the Von Allmens don’t spend a lot of time in the saloon, preferring the skylounge. Lady Linda has two distinctly different areas comprising this bridge-deck space. In the foreground is a TV lounge, with the screen rising from the starboard-side cabinet (painted to look like it’s covered with mother of pearl). The marquetry underfoot mimics the curves of carpeting forward in the bar and seating area (background of photo).

Trinity Lady Linda bridge deck cinema

A quick rearranging of furniture and drawing of the curtains ringing the windows and sliding-glass doors aft transform Lady Linda’s TV lounge into a cinema. It’s interesting to see how the whole personality of the area changes, with the silverleaf and goldleaf wall behind the TV taking on more prominence. The same is true for the silverleaf overhead.

Trinity Yachts bridge deck blue SR

Depending on how many guests are aboard, Lady Linda can accommodate people on the lower deck (eight in total) and more on the bridge deck. This stateroom, on the bridge deck, actually has a Murphy bed, though the design makes the queen berth look as if it’s permanent. On charters, this can be a kids’ cabin, since the crew keep toys and games stowed nearby. When the bed isn’t needed, the opposite side has a bookshelf, and the room can serve as a gym.

Trinity Lady Linda master

The Von Allmens wanted Lady Linda’s guests to be taken well care of in equal-size staterooms, but understandably wanted a capacious respite for themselves. The main-deck master suite occupies the full 33’4” (10.2-meter) beam and features a study plus his and her heads, each outfitted with abundant onyx of varying tones. A painting opposite the bed splits along its center to reveal the television. Note the large oval ports behind the settee; similar ports are located in each en suite bath, bringing plenty of natural light into the entire suite.

Trinity Lady Linda 1

For playtime, Lady Linda has a mini armada of toys, including SeaBobs, PWCs (one a stand-up model), a RIB, and a custom tender, for spirited on-the-water fun. Lady Linda herself puts in a good turn of speed, a reported 20-knot top end. Power comes courtesy of twin 3,384-hp Caterpillars, which further allow a reported 4,500-nautical-mile range at 10 knots.

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