Megayacht Arianna Stars in Pitbull’s Sexy People Video

Arianna Pitbull Sexy People videoA superyacht is a super-brand, so why shouldn’t one appear alongside super-hot celebrities like rapper/songwriter Pitbull, actor Charlie Sheen, sports star Chad Ochocinco, and more? That’s the thinking of SG Private Wealth Advisors, which manages the megayacht Arianna for charter. And that’s why Arianna makes her small-screen debut in the “Sexy People” video just released by Pitbull.

The video, whose subtitle is “The Fiat Song,”is as much a commercial for Fiat as it is a showcase for Pitbull. It was shot over three days in March aboard the 164-foot (50-meter) Arianna off the coast of Miami. The photo above is just one of many behind-the-scenes shots, in which you can see Pitbull and a bevy of beautiful models being directed. What you cannot see: Fifty people comprised the “Sexy People” filmmaking crew. Most of them were positioned on a barge alongside Arianna. The move was dictated by the U.S. Coast Guard for safety. (On a side note, if you noticed the super-high heels the models are wearing, rest assured they only put them on once in place for each scene. That way damage to the Delta-built Arianna’s decks was minimized.)

Managing all of this, and making the marketing and legal requirements work out with about a month’s notice, could have been a logistical nightmare. But Dovi Frances, president of SG Private Wealth Advisors, says no one associated with Arianna blinked. He says it all started because John Chichanowicz, a charter broker with Burgess, contacted him in January. Chichanowicz wanted to gauge interest in having Arianna be part of the Fiat promotion with Pitbull, Sheen, and more. “I saw a great opportunity to align Arianna with a world-renowned brand such as Fiat, and to exhibit Arianna to an extremely wide audience,” Frances explains. Through what he calls “lengthy negotiations,” Frances says, “SG Private Wealth Advisors was able to staunchly position Arianna’s involvement in way that enhanced her charter career while propelling her global brand exposure, making Arianna the world’s most featured superyacht.”

For the first two days of  the “Sexy People” shoot, Pitbull, Sheen, and the rest of the cast filmed on Arianna’s decks. Frances says that at the end of each day, they invited the cast to enjoy dinner aboard. The third day was spent shooting cruising footage of Arianna for the video.

Here’s “Sexy People,” which also stars Italian singer Arianna Bergamaschi and pop star Shaggy. It has attracted more than 1.1 million views in its first two days of release:


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