PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

Project Shu Appears Again at Lürssen

PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

With at least six decks of guest and crew areas, Project Shu slipped into view once again in Germany today, at Lürssen’s facility.

Since Lürssen hasn’t disclosed details about her, unfortunately very little information is available. The code name comes from a yacht watcher who has kept a close eye on construction. But, that’s about the only piece of information to share. Not even the rumor mill over the past year has mentioned a stylist or interior designer.

As for her length, it’s an estimate. Yacht watchers following the build believe Project Shu is a minimum of 426’5” (130 meters).

They have good reason to start with that number, however. In the video below, which brings together footage from June through November of 2016, you’ll see Al Lusail in the background in a few scenes. She was still under construction at the time. Given that she’s 403 feet (123 meters) LOA, and Project Shu seems a good deal longer, the estimated length might not be far off.

Although, at least one other yacht watcher we’ve been in touch with believes Project Shu could be as large as 492 feet (150 meters).

Whatever her actual LOA, Project Shu could very well see delivery in 2018. The stage of completion seems pretty far along.

Here’s a look back at those previous peeks, starting last summer. Meanwhile, expect to see more super-size superyachts float out from the builder’s sheds in the coming months. While it may be hard to imagine, Project Shu may be smaller than some of them.

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