Volpini 2 in Capri: Sunday Superyacht Video

At one point during this video, a woman on the sundeck throws her arms up in the air, in an expression of joy. How can you not have fun aboard a superyacht, especially when cruising in Capri? Volpini 2 is doing just that here, shortly after her owner took delivery.

Volpini 2 is an Amels 188, delivered just this summer. She’s the first of that Limited Editions model, in fact. Also noteworthy, she is the first Limited Editions with hybrid power. Furthermore, she is first new-build yacht anywhere to comply with the Tier III emission requirements. The regulations, created by the International Maritime Organization, are quite strict. They reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 70 percent in comparison to the rules they replace. Every vessel (not just yachts) must comply if she will operate in American waters, the Baltic, the U.S. Caribbean islands, and other regularly traveled regions.

While the video does not show it, Volpini 2 features interior design by Reymond Langton Design. In keeping with superyacht trends, Volpini 2 has a relaxing beach club, additionally including a wellness area. In a nice twist, the transom has two ports, so the beach club is usable even underway. The master suite has fold-down balconies from which the owner can take in terrific views each day, too.

Perhaps special guests will get a chance to experience those balconies soon. Volpini 2 will appear at the Monaco Yacht Show next month, as part of Amels’ in-water showcase.

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