Amels 180 Coming This Summer, Amels’ 100th Year

Her name is confidential, for now. So are the majority of details about her interior design, and whether she will serve privately or charter. Regardless, an Amels 180 nearing completion in The Netherlands recently sold to a buyer. That buyer will be able to start cruising aboard this summer, too. As is true of this entire Limited Continue reading

PHOTO: Jim Raycroft/Ocean Independence

Explore New Frontiers With Amels and Damen at FLIBS

Rugged styling and rugged ability are true explorer yacht hallmarks. You can call them expedition yachts, adventure yachts, or a host of other names. The common denominator, besides looks and performance, is purpose. They’re made for making the most of the world’s oceans. Amels and its shipbuilding parent company Damen address this niche, having delivered Continue reading