Saluzi & Life Butler: 3 Incomparable Charter Experiences Await

Charter-yacht vacations are outstanding in their own right. The charter yacht Saluzi is upping the ante this summer. She’s partnered with a company specializing in one-of-a-kind experiences. Therefore, you can choose among three personal journeys while aboard Saluzi. They’re gastronomic, wellness, or adventure experiences, planned hand in hand with you. Saluzi’s partner in this is Life Continue reading

Introducing Life Butler International

Personal concierges are worth their weight in gold to their clients. They’re skilled at securing dinner reservations at cream-of-the-crop restaurants, exclusive personal tours of museums, and more. As helpful as they are, though, personal concierges make arrangements for you to go somewhere else. So, what if these elite experiences were brought directly to you instead? Continue reading