Saluzi & Life Butler: 3 Incomparable Charter Experiences Await

Charter-yacht vacations are outstanding in their own right. The charter yacht Saluzi is upping the ante this summer. She’s partnered with a company specializing in one-of-a-kind experiences. Therefore, you can choose among three personal journeys while aboard Saluzi. They’re gastronomic, wellness, or adventure experiences, planned hand in hand with you.

Saluzi’s partner in this is Life Butler, focused on personal enrichment. Life Butler’s professionals include highly-sought-after chefs, fitness instructors, diving instructors, destination experts, and more. (On a related side note, was the first media outlet to feature Life Butler, in 2015.) Saluzi will host two Life Butler professionals. a.k.a. Life Butlers, of your choice. They will then lead you and your charter party through experiences tailored to your tastes. The Life Butlers will both stay in one of the 16 guest staterooms. Equally noteworthy, the 229-foot (69-meter) megayacht is doing this at her normal weekly rate, which starts at €480,000 (about $594,000 at press time). 

Saluzi megayacht charter

As for the experience choices, they have themes: Healthy Indulgence, Wellness, and Adventure. Each suits parties of different ages and ability levels. Healthy Indulgence, for instance, is “indulgence with a clean conscience,” according to Saluzi’s central agent Camper & Nicholsons. Here, a specialty chef will prepare dishes as much about nutrition and balance as gourmet flavors. Select a sommelier or massage therapist as the other Life Butler. Saluzi has her own spa (above), which also features hairdressing facilities.

For the Wellness-themed option, request a yoga or Pilates instructor, even a personal trainer, to lead you through lessons. Similar to Healthy Indulgence, you can choose a specialty chef or massage therapist as the second Life Butler. Finally, there’s the Adventure theme, for both above- and below-water excitement. Ask for a combination of scuba or snorkeling instructors, watersports instructors (say, to try stand-up paddleboarding), and a marine biologist.

There’s actually one more option, an “a la carte” program. Two Life Butlers you select from a long list of specialists will join you aboard Saluzi. Pick, for example, a videographer/photographer, who will edit footage/pictures for you. Learn golfing at the hands of a golf pro, or take martial arts lessons. Learn how to surf, or what makes the destinations on your itinerary culturally significant. You can further pick from among any of the above-mentioned Life Butlers, too.

The Saluzi-Life Butler opportunity is available this summer while the megayacht is in the Med.

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