Distinction for Drewelow


Whoever said nice guys finish last never met Capt. Mark Drewelow.

The founder of YachtAid Global was recognized last week for his dedication to helping yacht owners and crew help communities in need. The International Superyacht Society bestowed him with the Distinguished Crew Award at its annual awards gala.

In introducing Drewelow and his accomplishments to the assembled crowd, Gary Groenewold, vice president of the southern district for Westrec marinas, explained, “Mark found a need and found a way to make a difference.” Whether it’s medical goods, notebooks and pencils, or supplies of another kind, Drewelow finds a yacht willing to carry them into a community’s port. He’s been doing it for the past three years, reaching out to the vast network of supporters he’s rallied in his years of running yachts and serving as a port agent. The owners and crews of Bristolian, Rosehearty, Deniki, and others can all attest to the passion with which Drewelow pursues fulfilling a need. Just this summer, after becoming aware of a school in Indonesia where the students risked attack from komodo dragons, he coordinated efforts to raise money to buy a fence, then for the crew of Vivid to deliver it.

In humbly accepting the award, Drewelow said, “The actions of a few really can make a difference to the many.” And many have indeed benefitted.

To learn more about YachtAid Global and what inspired Drewelow to create it, listen to this podcast I recorded with him just a few months ago.

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