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Brazil Yacht Services Forms to Assist Megayachts

PHOTO: Katarina B/iStock

Brazil is an area increasingly of interest to the megayacht industry and owners alike. Why? Its major cities are becoming luxury hubs, and the Brazilian population has a long love affair with the water and yachting. Furthermore, Brazil plays host to the Football World Cup in 2012 and the Olympics in 2016. Add to this that it’s on the route to and from Cape Horn and Antarctica, where more megayachts have been heading, and it’s all the more understandable.

These are among the reasons why Brazil Yacht Services was founded. Based in Rio de Janeiro (pictured), Brazil Yacht Services specializes in assisting visiting megayachts with various needs. Fabrizio Ottoni Limena, the managing director, and Adam Tarleton, in charge of global business development, have each worked in the industry for a number of years. Limena, for example, served as the dockmaster at the Antigua Yacht Club marina. A Brazilian national, he has additionally worked aboard large yachts for the past few years, including ones in his home country. Tarleton, meanwhile, has 35 years of experience in the industry. He founded Rapid Transit Service, which offers yacht-support services in Palma de Mallorca. Tarleton further introduced Dockwise Yacht Transport to Palma more than two decades ago.

In this Q&A, Limena explains exactly what Brazil Yacht Services provides. He also explains what megayacht owners, guests, and crew can expect when visiting.


Q: While your company provides a number of services, which ones do clients tend to request the most?

A: Like in any other yacht-support services company, we expect that the basic services such as clearances, fuel, and provisions will be requested more often than accessory services.


Q: Brazil is known for having high import taxes on luxury items, including yachts sold. Do high fees also extend to visiting yachts?

A: There are no taxes for yachts visiting for leisure purposes only. Chartering is possible, although fees apply. Brazil Yacht Services is working alongside other important players of the industry in Brazil and the Ministry of Tourism to update charter laws and fees to reflect the reality of pleasure yachts. We expect to achieve significant results prior to the FIFA World Cup 2014 and Olympic Games in 2016.


Q: Are there a good number of marinas that can accommodate megayachts? Or, do visiting yachts tend to anchor out?

A: Super- and megayachts are relatively new to Brazilian waters, and the berthing infrastructure is still undergoing a development process. Marina berths up to 55 meters (180 feet) are available, especially in the region of Rio de Janeiro. Yachts larger than that have the option of dockage in commercial ports for fuel and supplies. Rio de Janeiro and surrounding areas offers really nice anchorage zones and access to shore.


Q: What areas are the most popular for visiting yacht owners and their guests?

A: The region of Angra dos Reis, Paraty, and Ilhabela, 60 nautical miles west of Rio de Janeiro, has around 365 islands, an endless number of beaches, and waterfalls, and certainly represents not only one of the best areas to cruise in Brazil but also in the world. Brazil Yacht Services also counts on the support of Santos Yacht Club, which has three exclusive facilities in the area with excellent restaurants, helipads, and service to owners and guests. The proximity to Rio de Janeiro also offers easy access to all the services and facilities of a city. Rio itself is a great destination for owners and guests to spend some time, especially during New Year’s in Copacabana Beach and Carnival.


Q: How easy is it for yacht crew to provision while in these areas?

A: Basic provisions can be easily found in Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, and Ilhabela as well as other areas of the country further north. Brazil Yacht Services is able to arrange and deliver fine provisions anywhere on the Brazilian coast.

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