Fore! Hire Golf & Yacht to Come Aboard

The megayacht Lady Lola is famous for having a golf tee rising from within the upper deck. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you have to miss out on practicing your swing. A golf-pro-turned-teacher created Golf &Yacht’s personalized services—right down to floating golf balls that become fish food.

Golf & Yacht is the brainchild of Francis Jacquemin (pictured), a former professional player on the European Tour. Jacquemin has been giving lessons on golf courses and at private residences, plus resorts and beaches, for a few years. Yachts and megayachts are a natural extension of this. Jacquemin caters to experienced golfers and novices alike, too.

With Golf & Yacht, you get more than simply Jacquemin checking your posture. Since not everyone keeps their clubs aboard, or even has them, he takes along a set. To protect your decks, he also takes along a “green,” as seen above. The mats, which can go on an upper deck or the swim platform, are made with yachts in mind. They therefore won’t mark up your teak. Next, buoys with flags mark different distances for you, based on your skills. Following your swing, Jacquemin tracks your ball with a radar gun and software. He further uses specially designed glasses to follow the flight himself.

Since no instruction is complete without golf balls, Yacht & Golf provides those as well. The company has its own biodegradable products. Comprised of algae and plankton, they dissolve after 24 hours, Jacquemin says.

Depending on your desires, Yacht & Golf has different package options. You can book Jacquemin to come for about an hour and a half of instruction and analysis. You can also hire him for a few lessons spread over a week. For the ultra-avid golfers among you, Jacquemin further offers on-course lessons, letting you flex your muscles on terra firma.

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