Go Green With Gratis X1, All-Electric PWC

Some waterways ban the use of gasoline-powered personal watercraft (PWCs). Others have noise ordinances that severely restrict their use. You can go electric, as well as go “green,” with the Gratis X1, said to be the world’s first stand-up, all-electric water bike.

California-based Free Form Factory created the Gratis X1, using entirely American-made parts. These include drive-train technology from fellow California company Zero Motorcycles, specializing in electric motorcycles. As for the Gratis XI, the integrated power pack charges via standard 110-volt power. Under full charge, it reportedly provides you 45 minutes of carving up the water. This is similar to the ride time for traditional gasoline-powered PWCs. If you want a little more action time, a 3.3-kW power pack is available. That, in turn, allows riding for an hour.

Also similar to traditional PWCs—stand-up ones, specifically—is the unit’s weight. Free Form Factory uses lightweight construction so that skilled riders can pull tricks and enjoy the same overall experience as with gas-powered toys. This isn’t to say, however, that the Gratis X1 is only for those of you who have years of riding under your belt. The manufacturer made the watercraft for beginners, too.

Gratis X1

Free Form Factory has a few graphics packages available to personalize your water bike. Regardless of your choice, each Gratis X1 offers three performance modes: Sport, Eco, and Custom. You also can enjoy rides at night, thanks to LED headlight strips (stylized, too, as the image above shows).

Free Form Factory is further offering two limited-edition models. They come with things like custom graphics, a clothing and sticker package, and passes to attend the official launch party this summer. (Currently, Free Form Factory is taking pre-orders for the waterbikes.)

One more interesting claim by the company: The Gratis X1 hull and deck are recyclable. Free Form Factory adds that it reuses leftover material from the manufacturing process to build other units in the production line.

Pricing starts at $17,990. 

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