Picchiotti Building “Top Secret” Aluminum Motoryacht

In nearly three years’ time, we’ll see a steel-hulled motoryacht that Perini Navi’s Picchiotti shipyard is set to start building. That same yacht joins what the shipyard calls a “top secret” all-aluminum motoryacht as a new-construction project.

Both contracts were signed this past week. Details are scarce, unfortunately. For now, however, Perini Navi Group will say that the steel motoryacht measures 170’6” (52 meters). Construction is taking place at the La Spezia, Italy facility where Picchiotti’s headquarters are. The anticipated delivery is 32 months from now. Styling should look much the same as that of Grace E (above), Galileo G, and Exuma, in keeping with recent tradition. That styling comes from Philippe Briand.

As for creature comforts, for now the shipyard will only say that the steel motoryacht has an upper-deck owner’s suite. It sits forward, to take advantage of the views while at sea or at anchor. Furthermore, all guests get to use the beach club, which includes a spa, gym, and saloon-like area.

The “top secret” motoryacht, meanwhile, is an all-aluminum project. Whether the secret is due to contract restrictions or simply a desire to build suspense, the shipyard won’t even disclose the LOA, or the anticipated construction time. All it will say is that the Perini Navi Innovation Centre at its Viareggio headquarters conceived the design with the owner. Understandably, that includes damping sound and vibration, but also navigation technology as it impacts onboard security. Interestingly, the shipyard also refers to her as a prototype.

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