Tactical 77: Calculated, Custom, & Quick Cruiser

Call her purposeful, forceful, pseudo-military, even deliberate in style. This is the Tactical 77. She’s the second project and first megayacht from Tactical Custom Boats. What’s more, she’s set to be a fast motoryacht suiting some pretty specific needs for a North American owner.

Tactical Custom Boats may not be familiar, for good reason. It’s a new brand, based in British Columbia. Despite being a newcomer, though, Tactical has experience. It belongs to Platinum Marine, the same group that owns Crescent Custom Yachts. The focus is all-weather performance, for both recreational as well as commercial needs.

The Tactical 77 comes from the drawing boards of Bill Prince Yacht Design. Bill Prince of the eponymous American firm says Tactical Custom Boats was ideal for the owner’s goals. Its custom capabilities, for one, were a big draw. “Our client has a specific set of requirements for this remarkable boat which are simply not available from any other vessel of this size today,” he explains.

Tactical Custom Boats megayacht Tactical 77

The owner wants a yacht equally capable of adventuring and venturing out where others may not dare. Featuring an aluminum hull, the Tactical 77 has gyro stabilizers, of course, but also—get this—suspension seating. If that last feature doesn’t speak volumes about her purpose, nothing does.

That’s not to say that the yacht isn’t a yacht. Indeed, the Tactical 77 will look the part inside (above). Carbon fiber construction will keep interior components’ weight down. Further to the point, the yacht serves as a mothership for a plethora of toys. The owner requested being able to launch and retrieve them without a davit, too. Therefore, Bill Prince Yacht Desin penned an articulating transom platform, which eases slipping into the water from the open aft deck.

The Tactical 77 is still somewhat secretive at this point. Neither the builder nor the designer will divulge her anticipated speeds. However, they promise she’ll be fast during speed trials next year.

In the meantime, look for Tactical’s first project, the T-40 Express Yacht, splashing this spring. The 40-foot (12.19-meter) boat is for a West Coast-based owner.

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