Brigadoon: A Yacht Almost Like Being in Love

The musical Brigadoon is about an idyllic place in the Scottish Highlands that appears only once every century. Thankfully, the owners of the newly launched Moonen megayacht Brigadoon won’t have to wait every 100 years to enjoy their peaceful place. Surely, as one of the musical’s most famous songs says, they consider the feeling aboard “Almost Like Being in Love.”

Brigadoon made her way to the water at Moonen yesterday. The 118-footer is a Moonen Martinique model, part of the Moonen Caribbean series announced several years ago. She therefore features styling by Rene van der Velden and a hull design by Diana Yacht Design

Interestingly, that hull is steel. Rarely do megayachts in this size range feature steel. Also rarely do megayachts with steel hulls have shallow drafts. However, Brigadoon does, relatively speaking: 7 feet (2.1 meters). She additionally boasts a long range of 4,000 nautical miles, at a few knots slower than her anticipated 17-knot top speed, under Caterpillar power.

The owners of Brigadoon plan to spend two full months onboard this summer, putting her amenities to good use. Among them is a full-beam master suite, forward on the main deck. It further has forward-facing ports, for the owners to enjoy panoramic views. Also on the main deck, the aft relaxation area has low bulwarks for more of an aesthetic connection to the swim platform. Finally, there’s the bridge-deck lounge. Here, Brigadoon has sliding windows, so the owners can open everything up for fresh breezes to flow through. The teak soles inside create their own aesthetic connection to the alfresco portion of the deck, too.

Brigadoon will premiere at the Cannes and Monaco shows this fall.

In the meantime, Moonen has already started a sistership to Brigadoon on spec. The builder is also soliciting interior designs from a number of studios. These include ones it hasn’t collaborated with previously. Furthermore, on a related subject, Moonen is working on a number of new designs, not part of the Caribbean series. In fact, the shipyard is actively pursuing entirely new styling and layout options within its size focus. That size is 98 to 164 feet (30 to 50 meters), all fully custom. Details are not yet available, but we are following the developments.

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