Brigadoon: A Yacht Almost Like Being in Love

The musical Brigadoon is about an idyllic place in the Scottish Highlands that appears only once every century. Thankfully, the owners of the newly launched Moonen megayacht Brigadoon won’t have to wait every 100 years to enjoy their peaceful place. Surely, as one of the musical’s most famous songs says, they consider the feeling aboard Continue reading

Navarino: Next Step in Moonen’s Styling Evolution

“There is no golden rule which says world-traveller superyachts need to have a masculine design,” insists Emile Bilterijst, managing director of Moonen Shipyards. That’s why the Navarino, a 154-foot (47-meter) concept ready for construction, eschews “the stereotypical image of explorer-type yachts as ‘toys for the boys,’” he continues. In the process, Moonen is striving to Continue reading

Shipyard Spotlight: Hakvoort Shipyard

Hakvoort Shipyard’s location in Monnickendam, The Netherlands may surprise some of you. Monnickendam is a charming small city dating to the 14th century, with narrow cobblestone streets. However, the city was a significant port in the country’s history. In fact, Hakvoort Shipyard occupies a ship-building site that saw its first launch in 1780. Hakvoort Shipyard Continue reading