Navarino: Next Step in Moonen’s Styling Evolution

“There is no golden rule which says world-traveller superyachts need to have a masculine design,” insists Emile Bilterijst, managing director of Moonen Shipyards. That’s why the Navarino, a 154-foot (47-meter) concept ready for construction, eschews “the stereotypical image of explorer-type yachts as ‘toys for the boys,’” he continues. In the process, Moonen is striving to Continue reading

Shipyard Spotlight: Hakvoort Shipyard

Hakvoort Shipyard’s location in Monnickendam, The Netherlands may surprise some of you. Monnickendam is a charming small city dating to the 14th century, with narrow cobblestone streets. However, the city was a significant port in the country’s history. In fact, Hakvoort Shipyard occupies a ship-building site that saw its first launch in 1780. Hakvoort Shipyard Continue reading

Megayacht News Onboard: Moonen Shipyards’ Sofia

ALL PHOTOS: Dick Holthuis Photography It’s one thing to conceive and build a megayacht around the idea of carrying a personal submarine when you’re an avid diver and you want to share similar experiences with your guests. It’s quite another to order a larger submarine when the yacht is already under construction—and for much of Continue reading