Horizon FD77 Skyline Coming for Owner-Operators

Based on customer requests, Horizon Yacht is adding a smaller sister to its Fast Displacement (FD) series of superyachts. The Horizon FD77 joins four larger sisters, in fact, yet stands apart for aiming at owners who like to take the wheel themselves.

If you’re familiar with the series, then you’ll recognize the modern styling by Cor D. Rover Design. The new megayacht shares a profile with the FD85 and the FD87 Skyline. She also shares styling with the yet-to-splash FD102 Skyline and FD125 Skyline. The series has met with success worldwide, seeing 11 contracts alone for the FD85. That series came to light in 2016.

Horizon FD77 Skyline megayacht

Because Horizon builds a wide variety of yachts starting at 52 feet (about 16 meters), naturally a number of customers are owner-operators. Several of them liked the FD series look and space advantages, but didn’t want to hire crew. Since many of those same customers are stateside, the first Horizon FD77 is in build for Horizon Yacht USA to reveal at the Miami and Palm Beach shows in 2019. Hulls two and three are for Europe and Australia, respectively.

Regardless of destination market, the Horizon FD77 features what the rest of the series does. For example, what the yard terms a High Performance Piercing Bow aids performance, cutting through seas. The megayacht, measuring 80’5” (24.54 meters), also has large expanses of glass to brighten the main deck (below). They flow all the way forward to the master stateroom. Draft is shallow, too, specifically 5’2” (1.59 meters), easing access to shallow waters.

Horizon FD77 Skyline megayacht

In keeping with yard tradition, the Horizon FD77 comes as either an open- or enclosed-bridge version. Warm-weather cruisers may prefer the open-bridge version, illustrated above. The enclosed-bridge design provides an air-conditioned or heated skylounge. Either way, those of you who captain your own yachts will take the wheel up here. Though Horizon isn’t revealing anticipated performance figures, it does say she’ll be powered by twin 1,136-hp Caterpillars.

With three staterooms for guests below decks and a 23-foot (7.01-meter) beam, the FD77 further has a beach club. A rarity for a yacht of her size, it still leaves room for a crew cabin and head, should you wish to have a hired hand aboard on occasion. Alternately, the space can serve as you see fit.

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