Adonis, a “Smart” Superyacht on the Vegas Strip

Considering Las Vegas is in the desert, how is it possible that a megayacht is close to the famous Strip? It’s real: This week, Adonis, a Numarine 78, is sitting just down the street, in the Las Vegas convention center. Adonis is not just a luxury yacht, but a luxury smart yacht, due to collaboration between Numarine and the consumer-electronics company Furrion

Adonis is in town for CES, the annual consumer-tech trade show. It’s the first time a yacht has ever been at CES, too, plus she’s reportedly the largest yacht ever moved on land like this. So, it’s a double publicity benefit for Numarine.

The megayacht is showcasing several marine-electronics concepts, an increasingly important niche at the trade show. Furrion’s roots are in marine electronics, so it equipped the Numarine 78 with a variety of A/V components, cameras, and even kitchen electronics. Better yet, they’re all connected to Angel, a virtual concierge from Furrion. So, for example, if Adonis were out on the water, and a guest were hungry, he or she could alert the crew in the galley via Angel. Simply by saying, “Hi Angel” regardless of where he or she is onboard, and then making a request, the guest can go back to relaxing, while the artificial-intelligence system delivers the message.

Adonis Numarine megayacht Furion Angel artificial intelligence

Angel works in other ways aboard the yacht, too. It can guide you through your morning yoga routine up on the sundeck, for instance. If Adonis pulled in a new port, Angel can relate information about restaurants, activities, and more—plus make reservations. Thanks to connectivity to Furrion smart mirrors, the system can display weather, social media feeds, and more at a touch.

For crew, Adonis showcases a few special features from Furrion, too. Facial-recognition authentication is a security benefit. So, too, is connectivity to a drone, which Angel deploys for surveillance footage (or for fun photos of the surroundings). That footage feeds directly to the HDTV. If a system goes down, Angel can alert the crew as well. In addition, Angel can control lights, blinds, air conditioning, and more. But, unlike other control systems, it further learns habits and makes suggestions for the program. And, it does so with the facial-recognition aspect. This way, if crew tend to request the blinds go up in the master suite just prior to you stepping aboard, Angel eventually recognizes the behavior pattern. It therefore automatically reacts when they enter.

More about Angel is on Furrion’s website.

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