Megayacht News Weekend Watch: WallyPower 118

Wally is renowned for its sailing yachts, but its venture into the power market can’t be overlooked, either. Radically different styling and carbon-fiber construction are among the reasons why its powerboats turn heads. Even though Wally only built one WallyPower 118, back in 2002, the superyacht remains memorable for good reasons, notably her vertical bow, extensive deck area, and 40-plus-knot speeds.



Megyacht News Weekend Watch: Superyacht Crew in Training

If you ever wondered how yacht crew get trained, this interview, conducted by Yotcru, with a handful of hopeful candidates is eye-opening. They’re all recent graduates of the five-day STCW training course conducted by VT Flagship (then known as Flagship Superyacht Academy), and they reflect on the skills they gained in firefighting, sea survival, and more. Their enthusiasm is infectious, something definitely needed in these days of doom and gloom in the news.


Megayacht News Weekend Watch: Soliloquy, The Green Superyacht

Earlier this week I told you about Alastair Callender’s sensational eco-friendly superyacht, Soliloquy. Among other things, Soliloquy employs solarsails, a technology that has been used on ferries and other commercial applications. To get a better sense of just how the solarsails operate, watch this video he created.



Megayacht News Weekend Watch: Superyachts in Palma

This is the time of year when megayachts head for summer season destinations. While the South of France is a perennial favorite, Palma de Mallorca in Spain is as well. Here, you’ll get a glimpse of Salem, Limitless, Sirona III, Samar, and others–each far more graceful than the cruise ship MSC Orchestra seen at the end of the video.



Megayacht News Weekend Watch: Maltese Falcon

Last fall, Maltese Falcon stopped onlookers in their tracks when she made her way beneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, on her first trip into the continental USA. The superyacht was reportedly heading to Marin, California for the Leukemia Cup Regatta, a fundraiser.

Here’s a short but sweet look at the 289-footer–famously owned by Tom Perkins–and her novel computer-controlled, rotating, 191-foot-high masts.