Hermitage Sea Trials at Lürssen



An intrepid photographer caught the first glimpses of Hermitage conducting sea trials at Lürssen. If the colors in the photo appear a bit strange, it’s because of the temperature difference between the air and water.

Featuring styling by Espen Oeino and an interior by Andrew Winch Designs, Hermitage measures 68.15 meters (224 feet) and accommodates 12 guests plus the owners. Considering the beam is just shy of 13 meters (42 feet), the handful of decks should maximize comfort. Among the notable features are a spa/fitness area on the lower deck, further including a beauty salon, and a central elevator with stairs winding around it.

During a visit to Lürssen last year, I learned that the owners were quite involved in the overall design and appearance, refining looks a few times since the contract was signed. They also reportedly requested the yacht to be finished in time for them to stay aboard in Monaco during the Grand Prix race in 2011. Few other details were released, at their request.

Hermitage should top out at 15.5 knots given a Caterpillar power package.

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