The Superyacht 6: 6 Oldest Yachts in the World

New yachts naturally attract a lot of attention. However, several megayachts making the rounds of the world’s oceans merit equal, if not more, attention. Why? They’re the oldest yachts in the world. Thankfully, in the case of the six yachts on the following list, age doesn’t mean “aged.” Indeed, despite their hulls having seen dozens of decades, these six superyachts are in Bristol condition. They also exude the grace and style of their eras, both inside and out.

1. Madiz. Year of build: 1902. Not only is Madiz the oldest yacht in the world, but she’s also the oldest with either a steel or iron hull to still have Lloyds classification. Ailsa Shipbuilding in Scotland constructed her, to a design by G.L. Watson & Co. Imagine if her bulkheads could talk. She was a purely pleasure yacht from delivery to 1914, when she was put into service as a patrol boat during World War I. She did the same in World War II, then returned to private usage. Her current owner had her undergo a rigorous three-year refit starting in 2003 to bring her back to Lloyds classification, as a previous owner had let it lapse. Amazingly, much of the original woodwork was salvageable. This includes teak decking and interior paneling such as the Cuban mahogany used in the master staterooms and the oak used in saloons and other gathering areas. Madiz spends time these days in Greece.

2. Delphine. Year of build: 1921. Great Lakes Engineering Works may be long gone, but Delphine keeps the builder’s name alive. She was commissioned by Horace Dodge, of the famous automobile family of the same name. Delphine hosted many a cocktail party and viewing party for the speedboat races that Dodge’s son participated in. Despite a horrific fire in 1926 that sank her, Delphine was salvaged and restored. Like Madiz (and pretty much every other yacht of the early 20th century), she, too, saw wartime service. She later served stints as a training ship. From 1998 to 2003, she underwent a thorough refit, since plans under previous owners never came to fruition. Today, Delphine spends time in Monaco, hosting day and weekly charters.

3. Haida G. Year of build: 1929. Launched as Haida for American millionaire Max Fleischmann, Haida G undertook an ocean crossing from Germany to New York as her maiden voyage. Fleischmann had her continue on to California, where she remained under his ownership until 1940. That’s when she was handed over to the Navy for military duty, though she remained on the West Coast. Following the end of the war, Haida returned to pleasurecraft status and was rechristened Sarina and relocated to Egypt, then the South of France. A few more dedicated owners followed through the 1960s, including music and movie producer Robert Stigwood, who entertained plenty of celebrities onboard on a regular basis on both sides of the Atlantic. Another famous owner, after Stigwood: the late Andreas Liveras, who ran the successful charter firm Liveras Yachts. Under Liveras’ ownership, the yacht was known as Rosenkavalier. Finally, in 1999, the current owner acquired her and gave her the name she bears today, as a tribute to her origins. While the yacht had been maintained, she still needed quite a bit of work due to her age. Haida G now cruises and charters regularly, amazingly powered by her original engines.

4. Talitha. Year of build: 1929. Named for the wife of J.P. Getty, Talitha started life as Reveler. She was built in Germany at Frederich Krupp Germania Werft, to a design by the famed Cox & Stevens. While she’s had several different owners over the years, she’s perhaps most famous for being owned by two particular people/families. There’s the Getty family, of course, which still owns her, but there’s also Robert Stigwood (just mentioned above), who christened her Jezebel in 1983. In fact, it was Stigwood who had the yacht restored to her original lines. (When she served as a gun boat during World War II, her beautiful bowsprit was removed, and subsequent refits failed, for whatever reason, to restore it.) These days, Talitha is among the most popular charter yachts.

5. Nahlin. Year of build: 1930. Recall the information mentioned above about how pretty much every yacht from the early 20th century was pressed into war service. Nahlin is an interesting exception. She escaped service because of odd circumstances. King Carol of Romania acquired her in 1937, but he stepped down two years later and left the yacht, unused, along the Danube, even though World War II was already underway. The yacht remained there for decades, in fact, until at some point (no one is exactly sure when) she was turned into a dockside restaurant. The restaurant went out of business, and Nahlin deteriorated. Thankfully in 1988 William Collier, a yachtsman fond of classics, decided to acquire her. It took 11 years, but Nahlin was finally towed out of Romania. Collier enlisted her original designer, G. L. Watson & Co., to oversee her restoration. More than a decade of redesign, re-engineering, and reconstruction ensued… until at long last, in 2010, Nahlin was back in business.

6. Savarona. Year of build: 1931. If you think yachts are expensive these days, imagine the huge sum of money that $4 million, the build cost for Savarona (above), represented in the 1930s. Fame came to Savarona during service as the state yacht of Turkey in 1938. She was used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, until his untimely death a year later. Despite that, the Turkish government held onto the yacht until 1988, when it issued a 49-year lease to a Turkish businessman named Kahraman Sadikoglu. He spearheaded a restoration that saw her grand internal staircase restored and a stateroom devoted to Atatürk, complete with mementos and artifacts of his time. The yacht has been chartering ever since, entertaining celebrities like Hugh Grant, heads of state like the late Prince Rainier, and more. She grabbed headlines recently, too, but for all the wrong reasons. Savarona was seized in a prostitution scandal in September. Sadikoglu says he had no prior knowledge that the charter party planned this type of activity. An investigation continues into the people who were arrested. Some Turkish government officials are so upset by the scandal that they want Savarona’s lease permanently revoked and the yacht turned into a museum.

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  1. the oldest yacht in the world located Alexandria Egypt
    it was built at 1865 and stil runing toll now > thie yacht the first ship crossing Swiss channel with king Esmaeel and queen ojenee
    if you want i can send the photo of this yacht

  2. 1863 is Khedive Ismail Wali Egypt built yacht In Chehribral in 1865 completed a constructive company Samoda and headquartered in London, capital of Britain and sailed the yacht for the first time in August 1865 of the Port of London on the banks of the River Thames England to the port of Alexandria in Egypt.

    The dimensions of the yacht as constructive: length 411 feet and width 42 feet and load 3417 tons steam engine works briquette fuel tori-based side at a speed of about 16 knots per hour, and was adorned Mdkhntan addition to eight aircraft guns Armstrong for protection from any maritime raid

    [ edit ] the most important tripsIn 1867 used in the transfer of the campaign yacht sent to quell the revolution Crete

    In 1868 sailed by Khedive Ismail to attend the exhibitions held in Paris,

    In 1869 sailed by the Khedive Ismail to the French port of Marseille to call the kings and princes of Europe the world to attend the ceremony for the opening of the Suez Canal.

    In 1869 was the first to cross the yacht at the opening of the Suez Canal and was carrying a group of kings and princes of Europe, such as Prince and Princess of the Netherlands, Germany Crown Prince Frederick, Empress Eugenie Empress of France. The Emperor of Austria Francois Joseph.

    In 1879 sailed by Khedive Ismail Pasha after isolating it from the rule of Egypt by his son Khedive Tawfiq Pasha to the port of Naples in Italy.

    In 1899 he sailed the yacht from Alexandria to Port Said to celebrate the unveiling of the statue of de Lesseps

    In 1914 sailed the yacht Head Lice Khedive Abbas Helmi II into exile Balastana Turkey

    In 1939 came on board, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran is heading to Egypt to tied the knot on Princess Fawzia sister majesty King Farouk I of Egypt and Sudan

    1946 sailed the yacht orders of His Majesty King Farouk I of Egypt and Sudan to the port of Jeddah to sail on board His Majesty King Abdul Aziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia to the Egyptian port of Port Fouad in His Majesty’s visit to Egypt on 01/06/1946 the yacht where he returned to the port of Jeddah in 25-1 -1946 after the King’s visit to Egypt.

    July 26, 1952, left the majesty King Farouk I of Egypt and Sudan to self-imposed exile in Italy after the abdication of the throne of Egypt and Sudan after the movement of the Egyptian army in 23/07/1952; His Majesty intends to keep it with him but was turned down by the Egyptian authorities and then

    [ edit ] the most important modifications in the design and shape of the yachtIn 1872 to increase the length of the yacht to 40 feet

    In 1894 was change its boilers

    1905 amended the exterior where the system has been removed tori side to be replaced by a system of propellers and provided the steam turbines speech.

    In 1912 provided the connection means a telegraph

    1919 is the fuel system of coal to fuel and diesel fuel and prolong the structure of the yacht 27 feet from his face stern English port of Port Tmut

    In 1949 was the development and modification marine yacht arsenal (Ansaldo) at Port «Italian Aspiza.

    Yacht participated in the second opening of the Suez Canal in June 1975 during the War of October 1973 and on the board of the late President / Mohamed Anwar Sadat ..

    In 1976 yacht sailed a distance of 12700 nautical miles to the United States of America to celebrate the 200th anniversary of America’s independence

    [ edit ] yacht designMahrousa consists of five floors and they are:

    Downstairs includes machinery, boilers and fuel tanks

    Main floor living rooms, kitchens, warehouses, wing winter, and Hall

    Add to Pharaonic Suite princes and princesses

    Upstairs the first includes Introduction yacht, anchorage, winches, dining hall, smoking lounge

    Upstairs second surface artillery, winter and summer garden, summer and lounge wing blue

    Third floor walkway and floating yacht contains four lifts including private elevator private wing. The special car garage King royal red.

    [ edit ] Current Place RsuhUse yacht Mahrousa a time in the training of Egyptian navy after 1952 and used by President Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat and moored yacht is currently off the coast Palace Ras El-Teen royal city of Alexandria where amended name yacht officially by the Egyptian government after 1952 to name a yacht “Freedom” But he still mentions realistically smiling and popular Royal and Ancient, a yacht “probation” in 2000 ordered former President / Mohamed Hosni Mubarak to retrieve the yacht to its original name of the yacht (Nude)

    Retrieved from ” = Mahrousa _ (yacht) & oldid = 8221217 “

  3. Zephyr was launch in Port Adelaide, Australia 1873 as a gentleman’s racer and cruiser and is still sailing. She is only 45 foot on deck, 12 feet wide but older than the boats in the article.
    She was built of Huon pine.

  4. You talk about old mega or super yachts being the “oldest yachts”, but you seem to mean “oldest mega / super yachts” (and then the question comes to how you define a “mega / super yacht”). There are older *yachts*, even older luxurious sailing yachts such as Amphitrite (1887) still going strong…

    • Amphitrite is indeed a grand old lady, but since she is a ship that conducts educational voyages and is not a private yacht, she does not qualify for our list.

    • Yes indeed ..What about her? El Primero built in 1893 and beginning her “return home to San Francisco”!this coming summer is concidersbly older ?I own the El Primeto and would like to return her to Ssn Francisco this coming summer. Please let me know if you can help me find a berth for her? Perhaps in front of the old machine shop I believe is still there snd built in 1892 a year before El Primerobefore

  5. You are talking about old grand ladies like el Mahroussa but her little sibling ” faker el Behar ” is rarely mentioned although she still apparently exists under the name of
    ” Entessar ” or Victory ,
    If anybody has information on her specifications or pictures I would appreciate hearing from .
    I do remember her when I was a young boy in Alexandria port , and I did admire her for being a smaller royal vessel much used by Avdel Hakim Amer the Vice President ( for a short while before being executed ) by the regime at the time , he used to take her on fishing trips to,the Red Sea .

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