6 Months Aboard a Superyacht in 2 Minutes: VIDEO

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work aboard a superyacht, here’s your chance. A crewmember who just wrapped up a year with Seawolf put together this video. That’s 365 days of line handling, night watches, ocean crossing, galley dining… and watertoy “testing,” on-shore touring, and more.

There’s stunning scenery of St. Lucia, the famous Baths in the BVIs, and Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Seawolf visited each of these locales, among many others, in her travels throughout 2015 into early this year. The 193-foot (58.83-meter) yacht is quite the rugged explorer, having been built in 1957 as an oceangoing tug. A years-long refit concluding in 2004 saw her converted for yacht use. (You can read more about her on her own website.)

Along the way, you get to see the crew at work and at play. These include hold-your-breath, tight-quarters maneuvers by another megayacht backing stern-to into a slip adjacent to Seawolf. They also include an “epic” (to use the crewmember’s description from his Instagram page) water-balloon fight. It was in honor of his birthday, celebrated midway across the Atlantic.

Certainly, working aboard a superyacht involves long, tough hours. They’re spent cleaning, hosing, and buffing brightwork, even struggling to stay awake on overnight deck duty. Not the type of tasks for those solely in pursuit of adventure. But there are plentiful adventures to enjoy along the way aboard a superyacht, too. They especially can be had when you have what surely are wonderful bosses and colleagues like those of Seawolf.

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