Ferretti 850 Sets Style Standards Even for Crew

Speed and style are two longstanding priorities for the Ferretti Yachts brand. The Ferretti 850, the newest of its eight models, stays true to those ideals. Some of the style, though, may surprise you. It doesn’t just benefit buyers and their guests. It’s visual and physical comfort for the crew.

MAN engines are the power of choice for the Ferretti 850, measuring 85 feet (26 meters) overall and 78’7” (24 meters) in hull length. Whether you go with the standard or optional engines probably only comes down to how fast you like to go. The standard MAN V12-1800s promise a 26-knot cruise and 29-knot top end. The MAN V12-1900s let you gain 1 to 2 knots for each. Range is only a few hundred miles with either package. Best range should be 330 nautical miles with the standard engines and 320 with the upgraded ones. But, that’s probably of little concern, as long as you can harbor hop and enjoy your favorite anchorages.

Ferretti 850

Your time aboard the Ferretti 850 is enhanced by the current trend of significant-size glass panes above and below decks. The builder’s in-house design team also strove for a more residential look and feel. Note especially the open bookcase (at top), serving as a divider between the saloon/dining area and foyer. On hull number one of the Ferretti 850, you can peek through to a white-lacquer wall. The standard wall design is a ceramic material mimicking a grey marble. That should pick up the tones of the brushed metal lining the bookcase. Regardless, the thoroughly modern ambiance also features dark-stained flamed oak and satin-finished brass. The white-lacquered, slat-like overhead is both decorative and functional, hiding lighting, speakers, and air-conditioning vents.

Ferretti 850

Speaking of being both decorative and functional, take a good look at the galley (above). It’s situated fully forward on the main deck. (The master suite joins three guest staterooms below decks.) Aboard some Italian-built yachts, the galley is relegated to tiny quarters, sometimes below decks, too. The light, bright treatment aboard the Ferretti 850 should inspire you or your chef to whip up many a culinary creation. Because Ferretti Yachts knows its customers are accustomed to options, there’s yet another welcoming configuration. It sits to port with a cocktail bar open to the saloon. This in turn sees the wheelhouse gain a small lounge.

Enjoy a few more glimpses of this newest model.

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