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SuperYacht Radio, Spinning & Speaking for Global Audience

One of the troubles of traveling is finding radio stations at each destination that play good music. Similarly, while plenty of stations broadcast general news, there aren’t any that are superyacht-specific. SuperYacht Radio was created to resolve both of these. It’s a digital radio station accessible wherever there’s an Internet connection.

The founders, Maeve and Dave Dempsey, started broadcasting from Palma de Mallorca around the time of the Monaco Yacht Show in September. Since then, they report, more than 30,000 listeners have tuned in. “This went way beyond our most optimistic expectations,” Dave Dempsey says. He adds that their goal was for about one-tenth that figure.

While the target listeners are yacht crew, due to the popular music mix, SuperYacht Radio is ideal listening for various superyacht-community members, both on the industry and the owner side. “We realized that there was a unique market for a yacht-specific communication station for this tight-knit, transient community spread across the globe,” the Dempseys explain. “Radio is a unique medium that’s immediate, personal, and Internet radio in particular is a hugely fast-growing market,” Maeve Dempsey adds.

On the superyacht side, SuperYacht Radio DJs update listeners on the latest developments from builders and other companies. They also invite guests on air for interviews. All of this comes sandwiched between classic rock, R&B, and current hits. If you’re a UK or European radio aficionado, you’ll hear the familiar voices of presenters like Graham Torrington, Chris Marsden, and Andy Crane.

If those names don’t ring a bell, you’ll still appreciate SuperYacht Radio. In fact, you may particularly appreciate the station’s strong focus on social consciousness. For example, it’s updating listeners on the ongoing hurricane-aid and -recovery efforts in the Caribbean. In addition, it’s focusing a spotlight on ocean conservation. In fact, at the recent Fort Lauderdale boat show, the Dempseys met the renowned marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey. As a result, SuperYacht Radio and Harvey plan to raise awareness of and support for many of his conservation projects.

To listen to SuperYacht Radio, visit the website or download the app (for both iPhones and Android devices). In addition, SuperYacht Radio streams via the Yachtneeds app, used by more than 18,000 crew.

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