May 2011 Sailing Yacht of the Month: CNB’s Chrisco


Having the opportunity to see a yacht take shape from the early stages onward is truly special. You gain far more appreciation for the skill that goes into these hand-crafted masterpieces. And you get to see things like this video, of the creation of the 100-foot CNB Chrisco, reveals. Launched in 2009, the yacht has garnered a handful of design awards, including ones from the International Superyacht Society. Here, stunning sailing shots are interspersed with images taken during the superyacht’s construction, including the laying up of the hull and installation of bulkheads. See her bright, white, contemporary interior by Wetzels Brown Partners, which complements the architecturally dramatic hull by Luca Brenta Yacht Design.

One thought on “May 2011 Sailing Yacht of the Month: CNB’s Chrisco

  1. Very nice to see the whole thing coming together. Beautiful yacht. What time are we leaving the dock ?

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