May 2011 Motoryacht of the Month: Picchiotti’s Exuma

The first motoryacht in the Vitruvius series from Picchiotti, Exuma strikes a dramatically different profile. Measuring 50 meters (164 feet), this megayacht has a sharply defined, vertical bow, plus some of the most streamlined structures you’re bound to see on the water. The grey paint job, also unusual, serves to heighten her differences. It also ensures heads will turn wherever Exuma ventures.

Of course, Exuma is more than simple aesthetics. She’s engineered for more efficient performance, too. Furthermore, she garnered a RINA Green Plus Platinum certificate. This environmentally minded achievement, focused on carbon-dioxide emissions, among other things, is among the most prestigious and challenging to meet.

As you’ll see in this video, Exuma does have some fun features as well. You’ll get a glimpse of her Hovercraft, making her among the few superyachts to tote this toy. She also has an expansive deck area forward, where guests can do everything from sunbathe to enjoy a sunset cocktail party that stretches well into the night.

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