Wider Yachts 150 Maxi Yacht

About a year after debuting in the yachting world, Wider Yachts is working on its first megayacht project, the Wider 150.

When Wider Yachts introduced the plans for its first boat, the Wider 42, heads turned. Here was a project that gave new meaning to a terrace on the sea, with extendable side decks never before seen on a yacht smaller than 100 feet—indeed, never before seen in a yacht of any size. The amidships area widens (hence the company name) on both sides, doubling the usable space. The extended hull sections simulate outriggers, like on proas. With the Wider 150, Wider Yachts and designer Fulvio De Simoni are taking that concept to the large-yacht market, but with some clever twists.

In traditional cruising mode, the Wider 150, measuring 148 feet (45.122 meters) LOA, will look much like other traditional megayachts. But at anchor, the highly specialized features come into play. Note the “wings” along the Wider 150’s sides near the transom. They’ll become extra lounging/sunning spaces or additional quick entries into the water, via ladders, for swimmers. They’ll also create quite the transom beach in combination with the swim platform, which will extend out to increase usable space.

A fun twist comes thanks to the 33-foot Wider tender, standard with the Wider 150. The tender will launch from a floodable transom garage. The garage can then double as a saltwater pool or, upon request, a waterfront dance floor. (Wider will provide a partition to cover the space.)

Wider Yachts will customize the interior decor and layout to owners’ wishes, though it suggests four guest staterooms and an upper-deck master suite. For owners who like to tote a lot of toys, the foredeck will be capable of housing two more tenders, PWCs, or even the famed electric Tesla Roadster. Touch-and-go helicopter operations are also available, via the forward portion of the sundeck. In fact, Wider Yachts will engineer the platform to rise to even height with the bulwarks, for safety.

To be built of composite and carbon fiber, the Wider 150 will be powered by a hybrid system comprised of twin diesel engines and twin electric motors, the latter run on batteries. Depending on operation mode, the Wider 150 offers varying top speeds and ranges. Solely relying on batteries, for example, even with air-conditioning and all other electrical appliances running, the Wider 150 should cruise for eight hours at 8 knots and achieve a range exceeding 50 nautical miles. Alternately, Wider says that the Wider 150 should see a 20-knot top speed under a combination of electric and diesel power, along with diesel boosters. She should also see a range of 1,150 nautical miles at that speed. (These performance figures are anticipated under one-third loaded displacement.)

Additional quick specifications: Fuel capacity will be 9,246 gallons (35,000 liters), draft will be 4’9” (1.45 meters), and beam will be 24’10” (4.56 meters). A total of 20 people between the owner’s party and the crew will be accommodated.

The Wider 150 will be built to ABS classification standards. She’s exclusively marketed by and sold through Camper & Nicholsons.

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