PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

Lürssen Transfers World’s Largest Megayacht

PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

Lürssen moved another major megayacht project today. And when we say “major,” we mean it. This yacht reportedly measures 590’6” (180 meters), making her the world’s largest megayacht by about 60 feet. Furthermore, she’s the largest Lürssen to date by about 81 feet.

PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

The megayacht was towed out of a shed and carefully maneuvered along the water, passing Topaz, which was just launched last week. As a close look at the photos reveals, she’s not yet finished. The image directly above hints that her propulsion system should be mighty and mighty powerful, given four exhausts. All images show that the yacht also still has bare aluminum in some superstructure sections. Furthermore, the photo below shows her bow still unfinished, with a section yet to be welded. That’s likely due to the length of the construction shed.

PHOTO: Claus Schaefe/

No other details are known at this point. As for the yacht’s name, it may be Azzam. The name has been publicly referenced by a few sources. If that is indeed the name, it’s a fitting choice. “Azzam” means “determined” in Arabic… and if building a nearly 600-foot yacht, the world’s largest, isn’t determination, we don’t know what is.

To put the size and rank into perspective, consider that Eclipse, the current largest yacht in the world, is 534’8”. Then, consider Lürssen’s largest megayacht to date is the 508’5” Al Said.

Before we know it, Savarona, for many years the top-ranked yacht at 440 feet, will be considered a mere toy by comparison.

UPDATE, JUNE 27, 2012: Word arrived today from a source close to the designers that Nauta Yachts penned Azzam’s exterior lines. How’s this for a way to get a job: The team won a design contest hosted by the owner.

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  1. The Azzam is a beautiful ship and the HP output is approaching 100,000 horsepower – amazing! Less taxes, more yachts. It makes oodles of jobs for people – make no mistake about it.

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