Azzam, World’s Largest Yacht, Delivered by Lürssen

Lurssen Azzam

PHOTO: Klaus Jordan

It’s official: On October 22, Lürssen delivered Azzam, which at 590’6” (180 meters) makes her the world’s largest yacht.

For those of you who keep track of the world’s largest yachts, Azzam measures a full 57 feet longer than Eclipse. She’s even far longer than Savarona, which for decades was the world’s largest yacht. Savarona comes in at 408 feet, or 446 feet if you count her bowsprit. Either way, Azzam out-measures Savarona by well more than 100 feet. That’s the equivalent of another full megayacht.

Azzam makes several significant achievements besides length. The 68’2”-beam (20.8-beam) yacht took less than three years to build. Azzam is also reportedly capable of more than 30 knots. The yacht’s impressive speed comes from twin 47,000-hp diesels and two gas turbines.

Azzam has been the subject of global headlines since launch in April of this year. Rising six decks high, and with a draft of 14’1” (4.3 meters), she’s styled by Nauta Yachts. The firm got the bid to design Azzam after winning a contest sponsored by the owner. He reportedly wanted an ageless look. Judging from remarks from several of our readers, he succeeded. In fact, several of you have said that Azzam still looks nicely proportioned and very much like a  proper yacht despite her magnitude.


Inside Azzam, Christophe Leoni create a decor in keeping with the Empire style, which dates back to the early 1800s.

Given the confidentiality surrounding so many super-size superyachts, the fact that this much is known about Azzam is remarkable. It’s further remarkable because the owner himself approved the release of the details.

Azzam flies the flag of the United Arab Emirates and will be home ported there. She’s intended for warm-water cruising, so you might just get a chance to see the world’s largest yacht elsewhere. If you do, perhaps you will be inspired to create an artistically enhanced photo like the one above, by Thomas Joswig, which Lürssen supplied.

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