Feadship Future Concept: Relativity, for Albert Einstein (SLIDESHOW)

Feadship fooled us all when it teased its Future Concept last month. It announced the megayacht design project was developed with a specific owner in mind, and that the owner might attend the Monaco Yacht Show, where the full model would be presented. Well, the “owner” was indeed there…an actor playing Albert Einstein, happily explaining the inspiration behind the Feadship Future Concept named Relativity.

Einstein isn’t all that odd of a choice for a megayacht owner. The famed scientist in reality owned a number of boats, including a sailing yacht christened Tümmler that he used in Germany and one named Tinef that he used in New York after becoming an American citizen. Einstein entertained leading political and scientific figures at his summer homes near the water. So, given that, and given how some megayachts these days (think Pegaso, Alucia, and the Golden Fleet) are being used for scientific expeditions, Relativity isn’t all that odd of a megayacht design, either.

The Feadship design team imagined that Einstein would like areas aboard set aside for different purposes, just like “real” megayacht owners do. As a result, the main deck of Relativity is termed the Society Deck, allowing him and other scientists an open, stage-like aft area to share their findings with others. The Society Deck further has fold-down platforms and an Infinity Path (below), a.k.a. walk-around decks, allowing Einstein and guests to “pace around while contemplating matters,” according to the designers.

Any fellow theoretical physicist would appreciate the Intelligence Deck, one level up. Here’s where scientists invited aboard Relativity can work and/or rest in peace, in six “cells” (think staterooms with a truly minimalist decor). For times when their families join them, the Family Deck above that houses them, in three VIP suites designed the way you’d expect them to be aboard a megayacht. A few steps away from the staterooms are a dining room and saloon, and fully forward is a smoking lounge for Einstein himself to enjoy. For the scientists’ kids—or even the scientists themselves, when they need a break from serious thinking—the 4th Dimension Slide is incorporated in the outer bulwarks. Imagine the fun of hopping on the slide and letting your cares literally and figuratively slip away as you zip your way to the water.

Other clever design elements include a pop-up wheelhouse, which rises only when needed; seating and dining areas that rise at the press of a button; and pop-out tender garages in the superstructure. Relatively additionally has crew accommodations for 25.

Even more interesting than the megayacht’s fantastical features is the fact that Relativity could likely be built. Her propulsion system is proven: a single engine with a controllable-pitch propeller and two fixed booster jets. The Feadship design team used a proven hull design, too, estimating the engine alone would permit Relativity to achieve an 18-knot top end. Add in the boosters, and Relativity could see a 28-knot top end. Still related to performance, the Feadship design team selected two Schilling rudders, for a one-propeller, two-rudder setup known as a Vec Twin rudder system. Used onboard numerous ships and other commercial vessels, Vec Twin rudder systems improve maneuverability (and thereby safety). The prop thrust can be completely reversed, and it can also allow steering angles up to an impressive 70 degrees.

All food for thought, no doubt. And no doubt, Einstein would be impressed.

Here’s more of Relativity.


Feadship-Relativity-4 Feadship-Relativity-Family-deck Feadship-Relativity-3 Feadship-Relativity-Tender-launch Feadship-Relativity-2 Feadship-Relativity-Aft-deck Feadship-Relativity-Torus-01

2 thoughts on “Feadship Future Concept: Relativity, for Albert Einstein (SLIDESHOW)

  1. Nice Diane,

    As Mr Einstein once said “Imagination is more imortant than Knowledge” and full marks to Feadship for being using their imagination and innovative thinking, not only in design but in their marketing.

    Love it when people think outside of the box, and even more awesome when involves the yachting industry.

    Keep up the great work,


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