PHOTO: Facebook/Feadship

Lonian, Feadship Project 700, Premieres

While most of the world’s citizens were still asleep in their beds, staffers at Feadship were wide awake, ready for a launch. Lonian, mostly complete structurally except for her navigation mast, floated outside her build shed in the wee hours of the morning. In fact, as you’ll see in the video below, the sun was not Continue reading

PHOTO: Tom van Oossanen

Feadship Anna’s Tight Squeeze: VIDEO

What’s a yacht builder to do when the beam of a new megayacht nearly equates the width of a lock she has to transit? Take it slow and steady, just as the Feadship Anna did this weekend. As you’ll see in the video below, Anna, a.k.a. Feadship project 1007, isn’t just a healthy length, 361 feet (110 meters). Continue reading

PHOTO: Tom van Oossanen

Sherpa Sets Off for Rotterdam: VIDEO

Transporting a superyacht through the canals of The Netherlands can be akin to threading a needle. At one point while Feadship was moving Sherpa yesterday, that certainly seemed to be the case. Between the width of the canal, the even narrower drawbridge opening, and Sherpa’s beam of 43’3” (13.2 meters), it was a tight squeeze. Continue reading