Feadship Teases Its Next Future Concept Megayacht Project

Talk about dangling a carrot: Feadship is releasing just this minimal sketch of its next Feadship Future Concept design. It’s reserving the full look for the Monaco Yacht Show.

As much of a tease as it is, however, this year’s Feadship Future Concept megayacht will surely follow similar paths as predecessors, namely X-Stream, F-Stream, Aeon, Breathe, and Qi. All reflected out-of-the-box thinking in terms of megayacht engineering and styling. For example, with Breathe, from 2010 the De Voogt Naval Architects team used biomimicry for inspiration, reflecting an emphasis on natural ventilation and other related eco-friendly features. With Aeon, the 2009 design, the team decided solar panels, fuel cells, and biodiesel would be the power sources, since the starting point was what a typical Feadship owner would want in 2020. (The De Voogt and Feadship personnel held that environmental consciousness would be an everyday occurrence, not an exception, at that point.)

All we know for now with this new Feadship Future Concept is that, for the first time, a client is involved. Feadship says he’s known for being “an unrivaled genius in his field,” “likes nothing more than to push the window of innovation and stretch the boundaries of the possible,” and “able to combine theory with practice with effortless ease.” And oh yes, he’s exploring his options with a globe-trotting motoryacht, having a long love of sailing yachts.

One more teaser: Feadship says the owner, also known for a good sense of humor, might be at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Or will he? Is that just to get all of us going and guessing?

No matter. I have my ideas as to who he might be…

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