VSY Signs Green Partnership Agreement With Union Internationale Motonautique


VSY, which strives to incorporate environmentally friendly systems and technology aboard its megayachts, is pledging further “green” initiatives. It recently signed an agreement with the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), the international governing body of powerboating, to collaborate on environmental sustainability.

VSY’s director, Cristiana Longarini (second from left), and UIM’s president, Raffaele Chiulli (second from right), signed what they term a Green Partnership Agreement. The two companies believe they have a similar vision in terms of respecting nature, particularly the ocean. VSY and UIM also believe they can jointly encourage others to follow their lead in terms of eco-friendly policies.

VSY’s commitment to the environment is well known in megayacht circles. Last November, VSY joined the Wood Forever program, and it welcomed the owner’s idea of creating an onboard garden for Stella Maris, which it delivered last year. UIM may be less well known, but its dedication to “green” causes is noteworthy. It seeks to promote cooperation between the marine industry and research centers on environmental issues, including the sharing of knowledge. UIM also has an annual UIM Environmental Award, to recognize innovation in, development of, and application of environmentally friendly technologies. The organization states, “The UIM acknowledges that every activity correctly conducted on water—large or small—can make a difference in the fight against climate change and help to solve today’s environmental challenges, from the decline in biodiversity to the unsustainable use of energy resources.” The award is open to yacht builders, engine manufacturers, scientists, universities, and more, even individuals.

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