The New Megayacht Designer Directory

On the heels of the newly reorganized Megayacht Builders Directory, we’ve simplified our Megayacht Designer Directory. We’ve also added an extra search function, for flexibility.

Created in 2012, the Megayacht Designer Directory featured alphabetical listings. We included the leading global naval architecture, exterior styling, and interior design studios. Within each listing, we also included a link to the company website, the city and state or country of location, and the phone number. Similar to our Megayacht Builders Directory when it first went live in 2009, we further included links to every article we published mentioning the design firm.

While the updated designer directory still organizes companies alphabetically, we’ve removed the article links. Because more than one-third of readers use mobile devices to access our content, the article links necessitated excessive scrolling.

As for the extra search function, the Megayacht Designer Directory now has geographical breakdowns. Since some yacht buyers love Italian flair, while others want to work with studios close to home, it was natural.

Start your designer directory navigating here (it will open in a new window), and let us know your thoughts.

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