Lili, Latest Amels Limited Editions

Launched 11 months after her owner acquired her, Lili is the latest Amels Limited Editions to hit the water. Specifically, the 707-gross-ton megayacht is an Amels 180.

As such, Lili features exterior styling by Tim Heywood Design. Three tones show off those lines: white, tan, and black. (Suitably descriptive, two of the paint names are Castle Tan and Jet Black.) Customary for Amels, the shipyard welcomed the owner’s input into some of the exterior features. One such request was that the sundeck be a bit longer. Tim Heywood penned it, and Amels executed it. It measures nearly 92 feet (28 meters), which is about 10 feet (3 meters) longer than usual. This, in turn, allows Lili to offer almost 1,884 square feet (175 square meters) of alfresco enjoyment space on this level alone.

Among the places the owner’s party of 12 can enjoy up here is a swimming pool. The 13-foot-long (4-meter-long) pool even has contra-flow jets, for a little exercise. By comparison, other Amels 180 deliveries have had a traditional hot tub on the sundeck instead.

The owner of Lili requested tailored touches for the interior design as well. For example, the master suite on the bridge deck has a private aft alfresco area. In addition, it’s a little longer than usual. More important, though, it’s truly private, too. The main aft deck and above-mentioned sundeck are at the disposal of friends and family. Certain friends or family do get special treatment, however. A VIP suite situated on the main deck benefits from a fold-down balcony. The rest of the group can step out onto balconies to each side of the dining room.

While Amels has not disclosed decor treatments, the owner did work with Laura Sessa.

Upon delivery in June, Lili will be the ninth Amels 180 cruising the oceans. She joins the likes of Elixir, Gene Machine, and La Familia. She should therefore see a range of 4,500 nautical miles at 13 knots.

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