Lili, Latest Amels Limited Editions

Launched 11 months after her owner acquired her, Lili is the latest Amels Limited Editions to hit the water. Specifically, the 707-gross-ton megayacht is an Amels 180. As such, Lili features exterior styling by Tim Heywood Design. Three tones show off those lines: white, tan, and black. (Suitably descriptive, two of the paint names are Continue reading

CRN 135, Shipyard’s Second-Largest Superyacht, Makes a Move

On first thought, it may seem pretty simple to pick up an object and move it just 2,600 feet. But, it’s not so easy when that object is a 259-foot megayacht. CRN had to do this recently, with hull number CRN 135. The project transferred from one build shed to another, since additional stages of Continue reading