Make Way for Another Mangusta 94 on American Shores

The summer of 2018 can’t come too soon for one particular American. That’s when he takes delivery of the Mangusta 94 he just ordered from Overmarine Group.

In keeping with her sporty, even sexy, styling, the Mangusta 94 should see 38-knot speeds. She comes with twin 2,600-hp MTUs, plus KaMeWa/Rolls Royce waterjets. But, because the builder realizes not all owners run at full tilt, the megayacht can dial down to 10 knots and remain comfortable while emphasizing fuel efficiency. In addition, because waterjets don’t extend deep, shallow-water cruising is possible. The Mangusta 94’s draft is just over 5 feet (1.6 meters).

As happens with all Mangustas, this owner is working with the shipyard’s in-house interior-design department to arrange spaces and select soft goods. Unfortunately, the shipyard is not revealing, at least at this time, what the overall design will look like and include. But, if the owner does what other Americans did, you’ll find a bar on the main deck that’s actually also the galley. However, if the owner takes a more European approach, he’ll place the galley below decks, in the crew’s quarters.

Due to the Mangusta 94 being a maxi, we certainly expect the owner to make the most of outdoor areas. The megayacht features a welcoming lounging/dining nook on the foredeck, perfect for cocktails while at anchor. The entire flying bridge is open air, too, from the extra helm all the way aft. (The primary helm is a three-seater setup open to the saloon.)

On a related side note, this Mangusta 94 is the seventh maxi that Overmarine Group has sold to an American in recent years. The builder says the U.S. market is “becoming ever more strategic for Mangusta,” too. Furthermore, due to the rising interest, the America Areas sales office should soon get some upgrades, and more staff.

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