Dude! MasterCraft XT22 Tender for Wakeboarding & More

Gone are the days when waterskiing was the only option off the back of a boat. Today’s active families crave even more action, and want bigger wakes for bigger thrills. MasterCraft, a leader in the tow-boat market, is responding, even in the superyacht-tender market. Through MasterCraft Boats UK, the global headquarters for its superyacht-tenders division, it now offers the MasterCraft XT22.

The 22-foot (6.8-meter) boat can take quite the crowd along for fun. Sixteen people can spread out between the “pickle fork” bow lounge (named for its shape) and the aft cockpit seating. Interior beam is about seven feet (2.18 meters). This opens up the XT22 for use as more than just a watersports platform. Further opening it up, MasterCraft Boats UK can customize it for you, from seating to slick paint job and to the Klipsch Audio sound system.

MasterCraft XT22 superyacht tender

Even the operational modes speak to the boat’s multiple functions. MasterCraft surveyed its customers to learn more about just how they prefer using their boats. As a result, the MasterCraft XT22 has modal operating software, reportedly a first for tow boats. It offers three running choices—namely, drive, tow, and chill. On a related note, your crew can tailor the helm displays (one being a touchscreen) for each of these modes. Regardless of choice, the software also lets you connect your mobile phone, rear-facing cameras, and (quite cool) onboard GoPro cameras.

Of course, most buyers want the MasterCraft XT22 for its watersports abilities. The standard, folding tower can hold boards aplenty. Additional tower options exist, too. The surfers, skiers, and wakeboarders in your family will love the three different wake zones that the boat creates. It does so via MasterCraft’s Gen 2 Surf System, which won an industry innovation award. Tailored to each hull, the system includes ballast and wake-shaping devices. Your crew will appreciate the simplicity of the Gen 2 Surf System, too, especially how it should permit consistent speeds plus navigating in tight situations.  

Finally, note that MasterCraft Boats UK can customize lifting options to suit your tender crane and garage.

Clearly, families are a significant part of MasterCraft’s market. This video of the XT22, featuring professional surfer Leila Hurst and her dad, hit YouTube just two weeks ago and already has about 13,500 views.

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