Spirit 111: Cocoon-Like Design Among Many Marvels

Babies aren’t the only ones who like swaddling. Check out the contoured, cocoon-like spaces aboard the Spirit 111. Now a few months into the build, Spirit Yachts is showing off her most-unusual configuration. What’s more, as an owner-operated sloop, the Spirit 111 is an engineering accomplishment.

The British builder’s biggest yet has curve after curve fore to aft. In fact, round shapes characterize everything about the sailing superyacht’s interior walls and furnishings. The owner hired Rhoades Young Design for the unconventional appearance. All wood paneling will form the cozy, cocoon shapes. The owner wanted everything, including furniture, to appear part of the yacht’s structure. Even doors and stowage will be inconspicuous. And, even the cockpit furnishings are curve, further converting into half-moon-shape sunpads.

Spirit 111 sailing superyacht

Not merely a visual spectacle, the Spirit 111 is notable for her naval architecture and construction. Next to the famed J-Class Shamrock V, launched in 1930, she is the largest all-wood, single-masted sailing yacht. In addition, the owner, who wants to cruise and race, plans taking the helm solo. Spirit Yachts’ CEO and chief designer, Sean McMillan, says, “A single-masted wooden yacht of this size that can also be owner driven is nothing less than a feat of engineering.”  

Spirit 111 sailing superyacht

With a 20’10” (6.4-meter) beam, the Spirit 111 will also be greener. Four lithium battery banks will power onboard systems while cruising. The owner selected every system onboard for energy efficiency, too. When the batteries require recharging, they can draw from a few sources. For instance, there’s shore power, along with backup gensets. Yet another option: the prop shafts, connected to electric motors. “From responsibly sourced wood to carbon-saving systems, this yacht will set a new standard for reducing the impact sailing has on our environment and oceans,” McMillan asserts.

The Spirit 111 should launch in summer 2019.

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